The Hidden Cave of Embultuk Blitar Indonesia

There are many natural attractions in Indonesia, one of them is in Blitar, East Java. Starting from beaches, mountains, caves, hills, waterfalls, and other natural attractions that have an interesting panorama of natural beauty is not inferior to tourism abroad. 
Blitarzon will provide information from one of the hidden caves in Blitar, East Java. As the title above, the hidden cave is Embultuk Cave. This cave tour is close to Pangi Beach, Gayasan Beach, Tambakrejo Beach. Photo by Goa Embultuk. Blitarzon Post

Description of Embultuk Cave

Embultuk Cave is one of the interesting and exotic caves located in Krajan Hamlet, Tumpakkepuh, Bakung, Blitar Regency - East Java. which consists of stalagmites and stalactites formations that are quite interesting, have a wide dome, and are flooded by water coming from the river. This cave is inhabited by bats and shrimp in the river.  This cave has a length of about 1.5 km and a width of about 3 meters more. Also, Embultuk Cave stands for "Economy Is Improving Thanks to Tugiman's Efforts" a source from local residents.

To enter this cave, tourists must use a flashlight or petromak lamp which is usually provided by the tour guides of Embultuk Cave. The more you go into the cave the road that will be passed will be more difficult, because there is a trough that has a depth of 3 meters that must be passed, but do not worry to enter this cave must be accompanied by a tour guide Embultuk Cave this to make the trip safer and maintained.

Embultuk Cave Attractions

What attractions are near Embultuk Cave?

For The Embultuk Cave attraction, tourists will see a unique view of stalagmite stone from the floor and sky of the cave. The scenery is very natural and interesting to be captured in a documentary photo or video, so make the most of it when you visit This Embultuk Cave.

There is a location located at the inside of the cave that looks like curtains - curtains or scarves that are plunging and unique with a large enough room named after Selendang Putri Rocks. It is interesting if tourists can take pictures at the location of Selendang Putri rocks Embultuk Cave. Also, there is Kricak Stone which is inhabited by many bats, Songgo Buwono Stone named by the previous village head.

Route to Embultuk Cave

What about the route to Embultuk Cave?

If you are interested in visiting Embultuk Cave, go to Tambakrejo beach or Pangi Beach, because the route is the same from Blitar City Center to Kademangan follow all the way to the crossroads of Gawang, continue to the south of the route to Tambakrejo Beach until at the T-junction with small banyan trees take the right direction to the intersection of Tumpakkepuh village office take the road to the right, continue to follow the road until the entrance of Embultuk Cave. This cave starts from 08.00 am to 04.00 pm.

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