Kapas Biru Waterfall Lumajang Regency Indonesia

Kapas Biru Waterfall is a single waterfall located in Pronojiwo, Lumajang Regency, East Java, Indonesia. The border with Ampelgading entering Malang Regency, East Java, Indonesia. In addition to the location of Kapas Biru waterfalls, there are still several other tourist locations such as Coban Kabut Pelangi, Coban Sriti, or Tumpak Sewu Waterfall which is located not too far from the location of this Kapas Biru waterfall. For those of you who have excellent conditions, please try. Photo by Xiaolingchan. Blitarzon

Description of Kapas Biru Waterfall

The Kapas Biru waterfall is located in Pronojiwo regency, Lumajang Regency, and is directly adjacent to Ampelgading District, Malang, East Java Province of Indonesia.

In this waterfall there are stairs that widen, but narrow. Visitors must pass alternately and must tread carefully, as the terrain around the waterfall will tend to be moist and slippery.

Not to mention, the steepness level of the terrain reaches 40 - 45°Degrees, so it is necessary to balance the body when stepping. To reach the waterfall, it takes about 45 minutes. Although it is enough to eat the duration, the trip will be comparable to the beautiful scenery at this Kapas Biru Waterfall.

During the trip, visitors will be treated to a view of trees or greenery for two kilometers. Once you've completed the track, you'll have to climb steps with a steepness level of 90°Degrees to get to the waterfall.

Kapas Biru Attractions

What if I want to visit the location of Kapas Biru Waterfall?

1. The beauty of Kapas Biru waterfalls

With the highlands, of course, visitors will indirectly get a view that will make the eyes fresh again. The green expanse coupled with the freshness of the waterfall flow is found in this location. The crystal clear, fast-flowing water, and the golden-brown cliffs make this waterfall very special.

The cool air and very fresh water make the atmosphere in this Kapas Biru waterfall very comfortable, and the fatigue will disappear immediately after breathing fresh air and seeing the beautiful scenery of the Kapas Biru waterfall. This very natural atmosphere is the attraction of Kapas Biru waterfalls, and there are also huts made of bamboo that can be used for resting places.

2. Two levels of the waterfall

Please note that this waterfall has 2 (two) different levels.

The character of Kapas Biru waterfall which has 2 (two) levels, is an attraction that becomes a magnet for visitors to witness this natural wonder. It is estimated that this waterfall has a total height of up to 100 meters.

Therefore, many visitors take the opportunity to be able to capture every moment of their existence in this Kapas Biru waterfall. Bringing a camera is one of the mandatory things when visiting this beautiful place.

Route to Kapas Biru Waterfall

What if I want to visit the location of Kapas Biru Waterfall?

The trip to this waterfall can be reached about 50 kilometers from Lumajang. While if Malang is about 70 kilometers. The following is the Kapas Biru Waterfall route with two paths

If you choose via Lumajang

From Lumajang city center, continue the journey to the national road Lumajang – Malang. Buddy will pass Sumbersuko – Tempeh – Pasirian – Candipuro – until he arrives at Pronojiwo field. Kapas Biru Banner is located approximately 300 meters from the field, just follow the instructions.

But if you choose through Malang

From Malang city center, continue the journey to Kepanjen – Gondanglegi – Turen – Dampit – Tirtoyudo – Ampelgading – until you arrive at Pronojiwo Police Station. Approximately 100 meters from there find this Kapas Biru waterfall banner and just follow the instructions. Blitarzon

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