Gayasan Beach, a Beach Close to Pangi Beach

Gayasan Beach is located in Tumpak Kepuh Village, Bakung District, Blitar Regency. Gayasan Beach is located between Tambak Rejo Beach and Pangi Beach. The location of this beach is precisely behind the Gayasan forest, which is why this beach is called Gayasan Beach by local people because it is located behind the Gayasan forest that is now planted with sugarcane trees. So Gayasan Beach is barely visible, only the roar of the waves is occasionally heard about three kilometers from the shoreline.  To get to Gayasan Beach, besides passing through rocky roads, macadam, sugar cane plantations, and through the river. Photo by Je Saja. Blitarzon Post

Description of Gayasan Beach

Gayasan Beach is a beach located in South Blitar, East Java that is still classified as a tourist attraction that has just opened to the public, certainly no less exotic and interesting than other beaches. Because it is still new for the general public of course this beach is far from polluted or arguably still a virgin.

Because Gayasan Beach is still included in the South Coast area, so the waves on this beach are also quite large and ferocious. This beach is a beach in Blitar that has a fairly long coastline, besides this beach, there is also a river that is directly adjacent to the shoreline so which makes this beach look divided in two by the flow of the river. Almost the same as Pangi Beach which also has a river or lake but certainly has different unique characteristics.

Gayasan exotic beach has a variety of sand colors, ranging from white, brown, to blackish. With the blue and clear seawater, the sound of the waves and beautiful natural scenery, it is appropriate to be one of the tourist destinations to release fatigue and because it is still virgin or untouched many people this beach is certainly very interesting to visit is very suitable for backpackers who like to adventure to test your adrenaline and explore Gayasan Beach.

Gayasan Beach Attractions

What attractions are near Gayasan Beach?

a. The virgin landscape

Because it has not been touched by many people, and still very quiet makes Gayasan Beach look natural, clean, and beautiful. In fact, when you get to the beach location you will be presented with a beautiful view from the hill. Of course, you will get many interesting photo spots when you will explore Gayasan Beach.

b. Fishing Spots

This beach is also used as a spot by anglers. Previously, Gayasan beach location has also been used as a fishing tournament event BCL 2019, in which many anglers mania come from all over the city in Indonesia. So, besides you get natural and beautiful scenery, your fishing hobbyists can also try fishing at Gayasan Beach. 

Route to Gayasan Beach location

What about the route to Gayasan Beach?

If you are interested in visiting Gayasan Beach, you can follow the usual path to Pangi Beach, because this beach is adjacent to Pangi Beach. From Blitar City Center direct the vehicle to the south towards Kademangan, and follow the road until it meets the intersection of Tumpakkepuh Village Office then continue the journey until it arrives at the entrance of Pangi Beach.

From the parking lot of Pangi Beach please follow the macadam road to the East you can ask the locals first to get the right direction because access to Gayasan Beach is also still relatively difficult. So far only available macadam road with winding conditions - winding up and down. It takes extra vigilance to get through it, and there are also many branches on the route to Gayasan Beach. Blitarzon

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