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Blitarzon, where is Pangi Beach located?  The location of Pangi beach, this beach is located in Tumpakkepuh Village, Bakung District, Blitar Regency, East Java Province of Indonesia. It is about 45 km away and can be reached about 90 minutes from Blitar City Center. The location of Pangi Beach is close to the location of Tambakrejo Beach, Gayasan Beach, and Embultuk Cave. There used to be accessed from Embultuk Cave to go directly to Pangi Beach, but the access has been damaged and cannot be raised due to flooding. Photo by Mlebuisux. Blitarzon Post 

Description of Pangi Beach

So, Pangi Beach is one of the beaches in Blitar, East Java, and is one of the favorite locations for local tourists for camping activities. Although this beach is not as crowded and famous as other beaches, every weekend this beach is quite filled with tourists. Pangi Beach is also a beach that has a beauty that is not inferior to other beaches. The beach is located in a small basin, flanked by rocks that stand on the right and left sides of the beach. It is a glimpse from a distance of seawater on this beach that looks turquoise, but that is what makes this beach also look so beautiful.

Also, the cliffs or rocks that flank this beach are very useful to break the fierce waves from the large South Coast, but tourists still have to be vigilant especially when the sea is at high tide. Before arriving at the beach location, tourists will walk through the plantations of residents, and will certainly meet a special building that according to residents is believed to be the passage of "Mbah Pangi", the person who has found Pangi beach.

Pangi Beach Attractions

What attractions are near Pangi Beach?

a. Panorama view of Pangi Beach

The main destination for tourists is definitely to enjoy the natural beauty of Pangi Beach. Because this beach is still not as crowded as other beaches in Blitar such as Serang Beach and Tambakrejo Beach, but this beach is still maintained its beauty and natural cleanliness.

The waves of the sea and the beautiful stretch of white sand that stretches along the shoreline can release fatigue from the routine of work and get the best location for a tour or weekend. Moreover, while sitting on the white sand while enjoying the panorama view of the beauty of Pangi Beach.

Also, there are many spots that you will get here you like photography besides taking pictures with the beach scenery only, you can also take advantage of the photo moment by using the background of the fishing boat around because there are many fishing boats that lean on this beach.

b. Lake in Pangi Beach

Well, one of the uniqueness of this beach and distinguishes it from other beaches is that there is a lake that certainly has a natural beauty that is still natural from the estuary of the river flowing brackish water. The lake is located on the left rock that flanks Pangi Beach. Usually, tourists besides playing water around the beach, also take pictures, take a dip, and swim in the lake.

The lake has a fairly wide size, with calm and clear brackish water that also supports the supply of clean water for camp activities. And there are also mangrove trees found around the lake, with towering trunks and roots that rain down into the water to penetrate into the ground. Making this lake area a perfect package of natural beauty, such as the view of the Amazon river in the Americas.

c. Beautiful pine trees area

Around the beach, there are pine trees that can be used for shelter and very supportive of campsites. Also, it is quite far away from a shady, beautiful, natural, and calm nuance. It is suitable for backpackers who like to adventure and camp on the beach.

d. Boat ride down the river

Still related to the lake in Pangi Beach. Namely, there are boat rides owned by residents and will take tourists along the river. Yeah, of course, will provide a spectacle of natural beauty that is still natural and green in addition to enjoying the beauty of the beach.

Route to Pangi Beach location

What about the route to Pangi Beach? Well, if you are interested in visiting Pangi beach, you can follow the path that is usually used to go to Tambakrejo Beach. From the center of Blitar, head south to Kademangan. Follow the south road through Trisula street. until you meet the intersection of the Tumpakkepuh Village Office and turn right until you arrive at the entrance of Pangi Beach.

Because there is no public transportation to go to Pangi Beach such as Bus to Parangtritis Beach Jogja, so it can be reached by motorcycles and private car. After that walk of approximately 100 meters, tourists can enjoy the green plantation owned by residents and cross a small river before arriving at the location of Pangi Beach. Blitarzon

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