Tambakrejo Beach Which Is Quite Popular in Blitar

There are many natural attractions in Indonesia, one of them is in Blitar, East Java. Starting from beaches, mountains, hills, waterfalls, and other natural attractions that have interesting natural beauty and not less than other tourism. Blitarzon will provide information from one of the beaches in Blitar, East Java, namely Tambakrejo Beach. This beach that has been popular in Blitar, East Java is one of the tours that I recommend to visit when traveling to Blitar, East Java, Indonesia. Photo by Indo Indah. Blitarzon Post

Description of Tambakrejo Beach

Tambakrejo Beach is located in Tambakrejo village, Wonotirto district of Blitar Regency, East Java. It is one of the popular beaches in Blitar, East Java. Every weekend the condition of Tambakrejo Beach is always crowded by tourists both locally and outside the area. This beach has beautiful scenery, with a clean beach, turquoise seawater, and a long stretch of white sand makes tourists can do a lot of activities in Tambakrejo Beach.

However, it is not recommended to swim or play water too far at Tambakrejo Beach because this beach has big and ferocious waves such as beaches - other south beaches that are ready to drag anyone when the sea is high. So, when you visit Tambakrejo Beach, you will see some posters banning bathing in the sea that have been written and made by local people.

Tambakrejo Beach is a beach located between Gayasan Beach and Pasetran Gondomayit Beach. However, closer to Pasetran Gondomayit Beach, it is only a short walk over a small hill not far from the beach. While on the west side of the beach, there is a pier that serves to park the fishing boat Tambakrejo beach. 

Tambakrejo Beach Attractions

What attractions are near Tambakrejo Beach?

a. Beautiful natural scenery

Tambakrejo Beach does have a beautiful panorama, ranging from turquoise water refreshing the eyes, the sound of waves that are familiar and calm the mind, a soft stretch of white sand, and a lot of good photo spots when visiting Tambakrejo Beach. Moreover, those of you who love photography, of course, will get a lot of moments that you can capture.

b. Enjoy seafood cuisine

One of the things that should not be missed is enjoying seafood dishes available in restaurants or culinary stalls around Tambakrejo Beach. There are many menus that will be provided in restaurants or culinary stalls later.

c. Spot and Fishing Activities

For fishing mania, you can also channel your hobby of fishing in Tambakrejo Beach. Because on this beach there are also many who do these activities, you can fish around the reef and the dock area near the fish auction site is usually a spot for fishing.

d. Camp Activities

Not only enjoy the natural beauty but on this beach can also do activities to hold tents for camping activities. Although not many do, if you want to roll out a tent I recommend not to get too close to the seawater, because the waves are quite fierce.

e. Fish Market and Auction Place

If you are in Tambakrejo Beach you will also find a fish market that sells fish - fresh fish or that are ripe to take home as a by - by from this beach. Many types of fish caught by fishermen, such as cob fish, Salem fish, snapper, squid, and much other fish but open sharks or whales yes.

Route to Tambakrejo Beach 

What about the route to Tambakrejo Beach?

If you are interested in visiting Gayasan Beach, you can follow the usual path to Pangi Beach, because this beach is adjacent to Pangi Beach. From Blitar City Center direct the vehicle to the south towards Kademangan, and follow the road until it meets the intersection of Tumpakkepuh Village Office then continue the journey until it arrives at the entrance of Pangi Beach.

From the parking lot of Pangi Beach please follow the macadam road to the East you can ask the locals first to get the right direction because access to Gayasan Beach is also still relatively difficult. So far only available macadam road with winding conditions - winding up and down. It takes extra vigilance to get through it, and there are also many branches on the route to Gayasan Beach. Blitarzon

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