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Hello, welcome and greetings to all readers. Previously I thank you, you are currently looking at a page that gives a brief explanation about this blog. Blitarzon Site is a blog that is in my responsibility, Ardianta Sukma Ramadhan. 

The beginning of Blitarzon Site I created to fill my free time and channel my hobby in writing to provide useful news or information. I am very happy if many readers of this blog also contribute to comment questions, criticisms, or suggestions, and of course, I will try to answer any question with useful information answers of course all your question comments, criticisms, or suggestions may also be an idea and reference for this blog article next.

The whole content of this blog is my personal writing with various research that has been done. However, some information may be the same as other sources, but Blitarzon Site will always add information that is felt less than some sources and do not forget to always include the names of other sources if it is true to get ideas from other articles or blogs. 

Because the purpose of creating this Blog is to help readers get complete and useful information. I do not write for specific academic purposes, but I also do not prohibit my writings quoted in academic papers, final assignments, scientific works, and so on to fit the auth but do not forget to always honestly write the source of this blog.

If it is only limited to discussion, then the writings and articles of this Blog can be used, and I am open to input, opinions, and criticism that can build us all for the better. I hope you like what you find here and be a benefit in itself. 

If you have any further questions regarding the posts here, please contact me via Whatsapp, email, and use the contact page on this blog.

Email: ardianta26@gmail.com

Whatsapp : 081334632301

So much and thank you again for taking the time to read the articles on the Blitarzon Blog Site. And for the sake of mutual comfort, please keep the impression in communicating, Thank you.

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